The Art of JB Daniels

We are all creatives in this house. I like to write, and I used to sing and act. My kiddo sings and acts and writes and does all kinds of art. My boyfriend makes amazing animal art. He was recently a featured artist at JUMP in Boise, for their wonderful Illumibrate event. Here are some of the amazing projects he’s worked on. There are the fish in our living room:


Then there was the elephant puppet he made for a circus-themed dance show a few years ago…


He made a swordfish with Billy Edney for JUMP’s Illumibrate festival last year.



And here’s the latest, the installment that is currently in JUMP’s lobby. Many artists collaborated on this and I find it so amazing. Jim works so very hard on all of these projects. Not bad for a guy that started making art five years ago, eh?

What amazes me most is how he takes an idea and makes it a reality. I leave you with my amateur video of his elephant puppet. Enjoy.

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