Return of the Crazy Cat Lady

Not one, not two, but three crazy cats woke me up to be fed at four in the morning. I am sitting here with my Crazy Cat Lady mug and my Crazy Cat Lady coaster blogging for the first time from my new home. My secret? I love it. Being woken up before dawn and all.

My two cats are adapting rather well to their new environment but having more than twice the space and multiple cupboards mean that WE CAN’T FIND STARLIGHT HALF THE TIME. Her favorite place to hide is in the built-in bar downstairs though we have also found her crouched behind the dryer. Mostly she seems to be hiding from Frank.

Frank is the new character in our play. He is a 20-pound orange tomcat. He is large and in charge and currently has been sent outside. His offense? Sexual harassment. From the noises being made at the front door, I think he wants back in. Silly kitty.

So we have a cast of Frank the Tank, Mona the Floof, and Starlight the Nut. Which makes life rather interesting. This, believe it or not, is as many cats as I have ever had at once. I am thinking about writing a Twilight/Warriors hybrid where there is a cat love triangle. Frank loves Starlight’s wild personality but cannot resist Mona’s looks, etc. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Unpacking is going slowly but surely. Just looked up startled from the computer to see Star had jumped in the window and Mona is at my feet. I don’t know how, but they found me. Now Star is on the bookshelf trying to get into the recess in the wall. I would unpack more at this hour but I don’t want to wake everyone in the house any more than they’ve already been awakened.

Now Star is in the middle of the bookshelf in the closet. Sniffing everything in sight and sharpening her claws on a nearby sweater. Someday she will calm down. Today is not that day.

I will end this rather short entry and tend to the kitties. Here are a few pics of the cats along with a little diddy that Vi has been enjoying as of late. Must go to Burley to drop her off with her dad today and my alarm to wake up doesn’t go off for another 45 minutes…

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