The Learning Curve

My daughter is doing stunningly well in school.

This should not be a bad thing. Most parents would be over the moon that their kid is doing well in school. She loves her teachers and is currently getting all A’s. She wins dance contests with the flick of her fancy feet and her undaunted enthusiasm. Problem is, we have to get a boundary waiver for her to continue to go to said school.

Violet went to a whopping total of four elementary schools in one year because of military moves and marital separation. It would not seem fair at this point to make her switch schools. But we have to do what we have to do in this booming city of Boise, ID. Our fate is in the hands of the local population, really. Nothing but seemingly arbitrary numbers guiding our fate at this point.

Had I gotten her an IEP in grade school for her ADHD, this might also not be an issue. Her emotional and scholastic well-being seemingly depend on her staying at her present school with her fantastic, supportive friends. However, since she is doing so incredibly well in school, compared to the year of the four elementary schools, she does not merit an IEP.

And my little oasis, the apartment in the foothills, might be in danger. Due to financial stress on behalf of its renter, who took on some unexpected bills this year. Rent went up and I was already struggling to fully fund it and all utilities. I don’t get the tax credit for Violet every year due to the divorce agreement so my savings this year has been cut in half. Which sucks, really. In retrospect, I should not have offered this concession. Especially since he kept the house, etc. But hey. You have to do what you have to do to survive a bad situation.

To make matters more complicated, my lovely artist boyfriend has offered us a cheaper place to stay. A seemingly sprawling house compared to this tiny apartment. Who wouldn’t love for rent to be less of a strain? Plus, I miss having a yard. Plus, emotional support when you need it. I don’t think this man could be any more of a sweetheart. Not a bad thing. Not at all.

And if Violet were waived by boundary here, why couldn’t she be waived from clear across town? We could find her transportation. I could take her to my mom’s house every morning and drop her off there because mom’s abode is within the correct boundary.

And there is the issue of me struggling with anxiety and comorbid disorders. I max out at about 45 working hours a week. Even then, I am exhausted because of my medications. To keep the apartment comfortably (yanno, with food in it), I would need to be working 50-55 hours a week. My work offers overtime but it won’t be forever. And it seems no one wants to hire me for a part-time job on top of the full-time one and frankly, I don’t blame them. The thought of working two jobs alone is making me tired.

At any rate, I think this situation merits us going month-to-month on rent instead of committing to a full year. Less stability I know. I need to find out whether this opens up the possibility for more of a rent increase.

So. It all comes down to simple math. How many kids fit in a boundary. How many dollars it takes to live. Addition, subtraction. Y’all know I hate math.

Interestingly, math is Violet’s star subject in school.

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