Because Boise Rocks

So I’ve done a metric buttload of stuff in the past few weeks but once I sit down to write about it all the thoughts fly from my brain. Just finished writing some essays for an anthology and it made me realize the only thing that separates me from truly being an author is sitting down for a prescribed length of time and just doing the work.

Just like in music, you’ve got to learn the black and white on the page before you can experiment. Or in this case, you’ve got to transform your grey matter into black and white on the computer before you and others can edit and evaluate what you’ve done.

Something like that.

My alter ego is the Defunct Diva. I call myself this because I used to sing. I still sing frequently in the shower and the car. But last weekend I sang at Boise Rockeoke at the Olympic. First time singing with a live band in 16 or 17 years. It was both nerve-wracking and thrilling. The band and the volunteer crooners illustrated how many talented folks we have locally in Boise.

And I also saw my friend Erin Riley perform at a Liquid Laughs showcase last weekend, which was awesome. She and the other comedians were hilarious. I don’t have the guts or talent to be a comedian, though I would love to write the anecdotes and jokes. It takes a certain vulnerability to get up there and talk about yourself or life. See also, social anxiety and fear of public speaking. I prefer to hide behind my keyboard and say snarky things from the comfort of my bedroom.

Friday I went to a fundraiser for the Boise Bard Players. They are the new Shakespeare cats in town. I enjoy the Idaho Shakespeare Festival as much as anyone but it is expensive, only commences in the summer, and there are bugs. The Boise Bard Players make Shakespeare more accessible to folks like me, who enjoy seeing Shakespeare without all the theatrics if you will. With minimal set and costume elements, the troupe put on a fine performance of Twelfth Night in a local brewhouse last fall and I was immensely entertained.

I almost tried out to be a member of the troupe but yanno, bills and overtime and stuff. Plus I’m like 20 years older than all the guys and gals involved. But hey. Whatever.

This weekend I also went to a lovely storytelling/musical event called Whiskey Ginger: Redefining Masculinity Part 1. Put on by Facebook friend Mikey Pullman, it was full of truth and support and love and explored different definitions and expectations of manhood. It made me think of men and life, and the men in my life, in ways I’d never considered. Each storyteller was eloquent but the one who stole the show for me was Andy Capps. His voice singing a retooled cover of a popular song was breathtaking. I wish I had the title in this noggin but I was unfamiliar with the song and therefore my brain let it go. Such an amazing talent, crowning such an inspiring story.

The other gentlemen performers were also extremely inspiring. There’s a part two to the show, date TBD, and I would encourage those in the Boise area to go see it.

Well, I’d actually encourage people from all areas to go see it.

It’s just that sometimes, proximity is an issue. That’s why I love my little place here in the foothills, close to all these amazing performers and events. I am inspired now to continue creating. And to all of the local stars, I say, shine on. Your talents and tales are more valuable than you might yet realize.



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