Drive, Deprivation, and Dalmatians

Good morning.

I haven’t been taking care of my little journal lately. It’s because I’ve been so damn tired. I need to make an appointment for my sleep study, mostly because of some of my symptoms that indicate insomnia problems (shocker) or perhaps even narcolepsy. I’m hoping for apnea myself or something that would vindicate me. Because potentially falling asleep at the wheel is not a good thing. There has to be some cause for it (I’m hoping it’s not the obvious–the meds). Though I have been taking the mood stabilizer in the evening instead of the morning and that has gotten me through the week.

So what have we been up to lately? Driving. Observing. Allowing pedestrians to cross. Had one particularly funny moment with Vi as we drove in our neighborhood. It seemed to be the day for everyone to be walking their dogs, and we stopped for one gentleman to cross (not in a crosswalk silly, what are those even for?). Vi then commented on how the man and his dog reminded her of Roger from the animated classic 101 Dalmatians.

Indeed, with his rather uptight walk and his pristine dog, he was quite the doppelganger for that character. Then we drove further down the street, and I shrieked, “OMG, it’s Cruella Deville!” A lovely elderly woman with a bit of a frazzled hairdo (and a leopard print hairband to boot) was also walking her dog. She had her hand poised briefly as if to hold a cigarette at one point. The coincidences like these just make me love my little neck of the woods more, though we are nestled away from the shopping districts of Boise. It seems like I am always driving great distances to get anywhere.

I also spend more time in the car commuting than I would like to, though I do enjoy my job. I’m going to try to grade college papers on the side so that I don’t have to find another profession. After all, I am finally using my voice for good instead of evil, and I love my customers. Also, there seems to be a bit of an agist vibe going on in the job market. You have to be 20 freaking years old and right out of college to get hired for anything that may pay you a living wage. I am good, but am I turn-back-time good? Hardly. My college graduation date follows me as hauntingly as my shabby resume does. I might as well staple a sign to my forhead that says “Over 40, don’t bother.”

But there are always the creative opportunities. I need to work on my essays! Hoping to get published in an anthology of amazing women. After that, who knows? This requires that I actually work on my essays, which means I need to be awake. So here I am. Wide awake at 2:46.

With that, I think I’m going to write a bit. See you on the flip side…

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