Cruel, Cruel Winter

My daughter is in severe pain.

I’ve known this since 4:46 this morning. I’m not Nostradamus, but I knew she would be. She wakes up moaning with pain from her ear every morning. At least now I have the next few days off to tend to her.

She had surgery for her tonsillitis last week. On Friday. My ladies showed up to support her (and me) which was so nice. I was. A nervous. Wreck. I knew the surgery was routine but, coming from a family with some sudden and/or completely unexpected deaths, I was somewhat prepared for the unfathomable. Worst Case Scenario Girl, tah-dah.

She did great. She doesn’t remember counting backward as she went to sleep. She does, however, remember a Star Wars argument she had with the surgeon before she went under. He and his staff were commenting on how there were no female stormtroopers. Then they remembered Captain Phasma and declared that the gender-specific presumption was incorrect. Violet then contended that she was not a stormtrooper, but the LEADER of the stormtroopers. Therefore she shut them all down right before nodding off.

As an adorable get well gift, they sent her some Star Wars stickers in a card. My girl rocked her surgery. Recovery, however, has been rough.

So glad I didn’t continue on working retail at Macy’s. That would have been a nightmare. The upheaval on top of her surgery? Oh no. And the fact that she likely will need a full 2-3 weeks to recover completely? Neeooope. Count me out.

So what am I working on in the meantime? Stuff and things. Getting this house in order. Writing a few pieces for an upcoming anthology. I got some positive feedback about some pieces I started so I’m super excited. Might just be the fire that gets lit under my butt to keep writing in general. Finish your book, my conscience cries. Be a good student and do your freaking homework.

Also going to pull a few Shakespeare monologues out and try to memorize them. The Boise Bard players are having their first ever season auditions in a few short weeks. Got my resume done this morning, now I just need a headshot to send them. And I need to kick my brain into high gear. Them Shakespearian phrases be hard when you cannot brain. Oh, wow. Grammarly hates me so much right now.

I am also determined to do this strange thing called reading a book. One cannot survive on Facebook fodder alone. I’m going to work on Small Spaces by Katherine Arden (a recommendation from my daughter) and Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke (borrowed from my boyfriend). Yes, you read that right. Crazy cat lady snagged an unsuspecting male. Poor man.

Next thing you know I’ll finally conquer those George R.R. Martin books. Winter has come. It is full of pain, and possibility.

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