Skin Deep


These damn positive Rodan and Fields people kept showing up in my newsfeed and despite my best efforts to be a sarcastic you-know-what about it, I decided to rejoin the skincare business.

Because why? You ask. Because the skin on my cheeks feels awesome. That’s like the dumbest reason ever, right? I have become addicted to this stuff. The sunscreen smells good and actually absorbs into your skin. The scrubby stuff smells better than a competitor’s exfoliating formula, and I’m starting to see improvements with the dark circles under my eyes.

So we’re going to try this thing called consistency to try to sell the good stuff. If it fails, it fails. I’m not going to take it personally.

I am also determined to try to lose some of this weight. In an effort to reduce the sugar I consume, I bought GrapeNuts, people. They’re disgusting. But healthier than a lot of stuff I stuff into my pie-hole. I cannot afford another wardrobe, people. I already have one ranging from small to extra large and don’t have the funds to expand.

Also, exercise might help with the insomnia. I know, I know, you have a chemical imbalance. I know, I know this. Exercise is not a cure. But it does help.

I’m stopping the addiction to makeup here shortly. I know, I know. But I don’t need every color of the freaking rainbow in my lipstick drawer. I have an inexpensive makeup subscription but honestly, I need more makeup like my fatty cat needs more vittles.

And what about the second job I got? Kiddo is having surgery in December and they couldn’t accept my marked decrease in availability. So out went that idea. I’m not even going to look for anything else until well after the new year, most likely February.

Another reason to avoid an extra job? I was miraculously cast in a few of those musical theatre productions, the auditions for which I tremendously sucked. The first one is in January and the second one is in May. So rehearsals will start here shortly.

New haircut, new attitude. Let’s get some resolutions kicked into high gear before the new year. Let’s radiate from without and within. Let’s kick some a** and take some names. Woot!


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