So I’m challenging myself this week. I found a retail gig for the Christmas season. This to be worked on top of the call center job.

I decided against having a roommate because I have too much crazy and therefore it would be too awkward. I unplug all my kitchen appliances and bolt the door on the regular. Also, I will not allow any hanky-panky in my place because I have an impressionable young daughter to think of. So a roommate would not be ideal. I’ve also seen roommates have friendships destroyed, quite recently in fact. So rooming with a buddy is not a realistic option either.

So my other option? To make more cheddar. I have a gig for the next six weeks and I may have some leads on performing as well.

Is the socially anxious part of me vexed at the prospect of a sales gig? Oh absolutely. But I need to get over it or apply for disability. Not that it went so well the first time. They told me that I had full use of my arms and legs and therefore didn’t qualify. Yes, people, but it’s the mind that’s flawed. And the 180 pages of documentation regarding my mental state should have told them something. Crap I am a writer and I’ve never written anything that long, unless you consider that this blog has been around since 2007.

How is the anxiety, you ask? It is meh. There are good days and bad days. I haven’t yet tried the Ambien for sleep because the thought of potentially sleepwalking or sleep-driving scares the whee out of me.

We turned the spare room into an entertainment room. We have our board games and the extra TV in there. Hopefully, I have time to use it working 60 hours a week. We shall see.

It’s only six weeks. You can do anything for six weeks, right? I’ll be using my arms and legs to the fullest.

It’s the brain I have to worry about.


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