Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Hello all. I am at the skating rink with Violet and her friend. I can’t concentrate on reading but I thought I would write. Quite enjoying the eclectic mix of blaring music.

Haven’t been doing the greatest lately. Taking a lot of anti-anxiety medications. Learned the hard way that those meds do not mix well with even the smallest amount of alcohol. A glass of beer one night and a glass of wine another resulted in some strange sensory hallucinations in part, or because of, sleeplessness.

Good times!

So as I’ve threatened to many times before, I am giving up the booze. Who needs them when you are (legally) chemically altered all the time anyway?

This should contribute greatly to the evolving weight loss goals. I started, and abandoned a weight loss blog, mostly because it was a lot of the same material (ate badly, did not exercise, I am a lazy spud, etc.). I hope y’all don’t mind the occasional update on the physical health.

However my habits evolve, I draw the line at eating kale. That stuff is nasty.

And I’m still not joining a plan or a health coaching group. I would rather create my own. I don’t dispute that others have achieved great success with these plans. But my life is too chaotic for a rigid food schedule.

But someday, I hope I lose enough weight to take pressure off my knees. That way I might be able to lose some of the rolls and roller skate with my kid.

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