Hypocrisy is a Thing, People

I’ve been up since 2:30 obsessing and then I have the audacity to write a piece about how self-righteous and recovered I am. Ha. I’m such an (insert expletive). Damn you to hell, OCD. And quit messing with my brain…

Forgot that these diseases have a lifetime prognosis attached. I have to forgive myself at some point for being…gasp. Human. I make mistakes and my dumb mouth paired with my dumb brain get me in trouble.

So in summary, I felt like an a** tonight. But I have to forgive myself. Because like I said, some things are not worth obsessing over.

My sanity means more to me than anything. I totally need a therapist. I am spiraling a bit. Every step forward means two backward. Making the follow up appointment today and putting that dreaded mood tracker on my phone. Because clearly I am a bit of a mess and some days (or hours) are better than others.

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