Dollars and Sense

So it seems my ex-husband has been overpaying my portion of the retirement.

I figured this out by re-reading my divorce decree. Had I read it in the first place I would have known that the allotted retirement was an overpayment. I now owe him roughly $250 a month for the six months I’ve been getting the retirement. I assumed he had read the decree completely before setting up the payment.

Whoops. So much for assumptions.

My entire budget was based around this extra $250 a month, as silly as that seems. I would not have dared move into this apartment had I known of this error. I do not make enough at the present day job to pay for rent and food at the same time as a single mother. Even with the supplements of the retirement and child support.

Which is unfortunate because I really do like my job. I get to help people in need of an essential service behind the scenes.

But this puts me in a bit of a bind. I either need a new job, a supplementary income, or a roommate. Being disabled by mental illness, my options for additional jobs are somewhat limited. And I like to devote my spare time to my preteen daughter and ensure that she is getting the best life I can provide for her.

This all leaves me wishing I could miraculously solve all of my problems at 2 in the morning. Or that craigslist was a good source for reliable roommates. Then again, getting a craigslist roommate might infuse this blog with necessary drama. Look on the bright side. It’s potential writing fodder. Whoop, whoop.

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