Fair and Balanced

So I’m worried about one of my cats.

It seems like I have a history of adopting cats with chronic illnesses. Turbo as a baby had pneumonia and later developed inflammatory bowel disease. Great cat though. She was the best and all subsequent cats will have to try to live up to her glory.

Poor little Mona Lisa was diagnosed with giardia soon after we adopted her. She’s gone through three courses of medications. She gets better when she’s on the meds but she fights me on them. So I called the vet to see if there are other treatment options. Especially since the current methods have not cured her of this awful parasite.

Mona was hiding in her litter yesterday. She has taken to perpetually hiding under the bed just like Nermal used to do. She comes out at night when I go to sleep. She does play with Starlight for a bit in the morning (specifically from about 3-4 in the morning, sorry downstairs neighbors). She’s gracing the back of my desk chair now.

I am still working on my essay about the cats, I’d better get cracking since the deadline for submissions is October. I think I’m going to go with how my cats mirror my chronic illnesses and my personality, kind of a yin/yang deal.

What else am I working on? Still reading that Stephen King book. I need to submit a review to Smashbomb on it when I’m done. It’s not my favorite but it is a good murder mystery book with a creepy supernatural element. I do have a favorite scene that I’ll highlight in the review.

I need to write more movie reviews! I like things to be perfect on the entertainment blog and I think that’s my issue. I need to write more casually about everything or I’ll never publish anything. I also need to write more polished pieces and pitch/market them. It’s a process. I’m hoping that my new work schedule will enable me to have more energy and motivation than I have at present. Hell, the only reason I’m writing now is because I stayed up at 1:00 when Mona demanded food.

I constantly have creepy ideas for stories but I am afraid to write them *just in case* they suck. I am better at nonfiction than fiction. And then there are people like my old college friend Cynthia Hand, who seems to be writing fiction books faster than I can read them. It’s inspirational, to say the least. I need to get my metaphorical poop in a group if I ever hope to accomplish anything.

I actually got some life stuff accomplished this morning though. Updated all the school registration information for the kiddo. I have never seen anyone so excited for school to start.  She also gets to go to breakfast when her dad comes through town next week.

But first, we have the Western Idaho Fair to contend with. Violet is entering a piece of art again, this time it is a scary-looking cat-demon thing. She calls it the “Cheshire Beast.” I can’t wait to stand in line in the searing heat so that we can spend too much on fair food and rides. Sorry, my reduction in Abilify has rendered me moody. I like the fair, I do. It’s just I wish we could have it in the fall when it’s actually nice outside.

Speaking of fall, I ordered a Halloween costume! Going as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have the big eyes, I ordered the dress, I may need a red wig. Violet has a Dipper cosplay (think Gravity Falls) that she is going to present at the Library Comic Con. Trying to get her dad to split costs on the Salt Lake Comic Con but I don’t know if that will happen this year.

My goal for the day is simply to remain awake. I feel good now but about 12 hours in I’ll start to feel like I’ve only had four hours of sleep. Ending with a song, as always. This one we sang in the Capital High School girl’s ​choir at one point. Happy Friday!

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