Good morning party people.

I have an unexpected day off. Did I remember to change my alarm? Nope. I went to bed at midnight and got up at 3:10 and have been going ever since. What have I been doing? Reorganizing and finding things lost in the move, such as my handy-dandy Fitbit.

What are the plans for the day? Laundry, brunch, spending time with my girl. Her dad is going to have her for two weeks starting Monday and I will miss her terribly. On the one hand, it will be nice to catch up on some reading and writing. On the other hand, *utter loneliness.* Thank goodness I have my cats.

No excuses not to sit down and write the book, though I’ve been trying to come up with them since about 4 AM. Life observations and mental illness can’t be that hard to write coherently, right? RIGHT. You should see the stuff I’ve written during my few manic episodes. I was out of my noodle.

Speaking of noodles, I am not going keto. Rather I am going to start skipping the drinking and the excessive carbohydrates. I’ve had several friends step forward to offer me weight loss solutions but what it comes down to is sheer willpower. Same with exercise, I have to force myself to be good to myself in ways I know will make me feel better.

I thought dyeing my hair black was a good idea and would make me feel better about my appearance. The logical part of me said no. So I dyed it dark auburn and honestly, it is almost black. Happy medium? I think so.

Unlike the hair color, lifestyle changes are difficult to implement overnight. I have not written my book, and I have yet to exercise. I did sign up for a dance class in the fall but that is only one day a week and a future goal. I have all kinds of dance DVDs, though many of them are hard for me to follow. I think I am going to try my darndest to learn those routines to help me out with the upcoming dance class.

Oh, and keeping fingers crossed for a more reasonable schedule that will help me get my kiddo to junior high on time. This waking up before the birds is for the birds. Though I do find it amusing when dawn finally arrives and my cats chatter at the birds outside.

Glorious, glorious Sunday off. May your day be blessed with whatever keeps you happy.

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