Getting my Metaphorical Poop in a Group


A mother’s work is never done. But my daughter will be out of town on her class field trip next week. We have lately been preparing for that. I know she will have a great time but it is so hard for me to let go and trust others to look after her for a while.

I awoke to the sounds of the cat yowling for food this morning. At 3 am. Determined to sleep in, I woke up at 5. Watched the sunrise and had my coffee, now it is time to get stuff done.

I am going to start by taking a shower and setting up the office. I presently have a desk but no chair in which to do my dastardly deeds. I am not entirely sure I will do much writing in the office anyway, as I prefer writing in the beauty of the sunshine provided by the living room.

Also hoping to catch up with some long-distance friends this week. Have a call scheduled today and hoping to get one set up for Monday, especially since I have a day off and I will be lonely without my kiddo.

So. Violet is going to the trip in the McCall area, a place she’s never been to. I’m excited that she has this opportunity. She will hike, learn, and play with leeches.  What could be better? No cell phones so Mom will have to put the worrying on hold or risk going crazy. I think being productive while she’s gone and finishing the office will help.

What are my other plans? Reading and binge-watching Game of Thrones. I need to catch up. Also may actually start a writing schedule for the book if I want to get it done before I’m eighty.

And exercise. The ever-elusive exercise. We are going to start that too. I am going to start goal crushing because I need to channel my energy and determination somewhere.

With that, I am going to get off my butt. Have a lovely weekend…

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