Movin’ Out

Wow. I moved and started my job the same week, which is no easy feat. There was only one day where I felt like I was losing my damn mind, so I guess that’s good.

I have had a great time rediscovering memories but some of them hurt. I have yet to find the dog collars. One of the greatest regrets of my life was being forced to abandon those dogs. When it came down to the dogs or the spouse, I chose the spouse. Knowing my present circumstances, I might well have made a different decision. Hindsight is called that because it often bites you in the rear.

My daughter and I have enjoyed our new life together thus far. I had some friends help out with pretty much every aspect of the move, which was awesome. You never realize how willing people are to help until you start outlining your problems and *whoosh* they come to your rescue.

And my mom has also been a great help though I know she was sorry to see us go. Too many hens in the henhouse led this chick to abandon the nest. And it’s been a very good thing even though initially it scared me to death.

I’m presently in the midst of unpacking and wondering why I hoard books. I have two bookshelves and not enough space for all the books I collected in college and beyond. Once I’m done unpacking there will be more time for reading and hopefully the opportunity to do more writing.

But the first step in learning a piece of music comes down to the notes and the rhythms, the black, and white. I have a lot of songs left to sing as it turns out. Who knew?

But for now, I leave you with some classic Billy Joel…

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