What a week. I voluntarily left my writing gig at HealthyPlace and, just this afternoon, was let go from the temporary job that I’ve had since October. The one job was the reason I didn’t have time to do the other job and now I have neither. Que sera sera.

But I’m not going to let my lack of a job (or jobs, to be precise) depress the hell out of me. I’ve got the theme song from The Greatest Showman stuck in my head. And a dream to start doing more of what I love.

I’m going to a book signing on my grandma’s 84th birthday this Saturday. The author in question, blogger Jen Mann, is a hoot. So I’m going to stalk her like any good fan would do. I am curious as to how she got a following and I greatly appreciate her irreverent sense of humor.

I got to work with some really amazing people at my latest gig and for that I am grateful. The ladies who let me go (oh my, I feel a poem coming on) were very sweet and gracious. I met some very inspirational individuals there and I feel honored to have been part of such an organization.

And now I’m totally on the prowl for another gig. Anyone want an anxiety-ridden weirdo? Despite my online appearance I actually blend in quite well with corporate America. I was once told to hide my online presence by a well-meaning individual. Well, that’s just not me. I’ve been doing this since just after my daughter is born and I find it extremely beneficial to my mental health.

I may start blogging for content sites for peanuts. But hey, at least I would be writing quasi-professionally that way. You’ve got to start somewhere. I think I will start by logging on to Smashbomb, posting my reviews of specific songs, and starting to update this site with some movie reviews. I may even make a different site for such stuff.

And as inspiration, I will finally be watching Life Itself. I think I have really gotten away from my passions in life and that is absolutely no good. I need to practice time management so that I am a more well-rounded individual.

I’ll be focusing more on my daughter during my (hopefully brief) period of unemployment. Girlie is doing awesome, she is even getting an award at an assembly on Friday that I hope I get to attend. Her braces were an adjustment, but she is thriving otherwise. I am so happy to be a part of that, her companionship and her praise are worth more to me than anything in the world.

Also, check out a new site I’m contributing to, Anxiety Says, “I Told You So.” It’s chock full of us glorious intelligent beings who suffer (often needlessly) from that nagging voice inside our heads. The one that mostly tells us that we can’t.

Well, we can, and we will. Goodnight Y’all.


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