Taking a Bow

My final piece on HealthyPlace comes out tomorrow. I would love to say it’s been fun writing for them but with my present time constraints, it’s been more of a nightmare. I will continue to follow my editor and a few others on the site to improve my own mental health. But writing professionally will have to wait for another time and place.

Speaking of which, is it healthy to get in bed as soon as you’re done with dinner, or am I just suffering from anxiety and depression? I had to force myself to get out of bed and take my nightly meds and actually get ready for bed. Now I’m wide awake and writing. But my wake up time is 4:40 am. I might try to sneak a little exercise in, in the morning, to surprise the hell out of my body.

And well, no news on the permanent job front, but I have applied for about five to seven jobs a week. So something’s bound to shake loose eventually. The ultimate dream is to get my own little place for Violet and me, and of course, kitty makes three.

And I’m determined to do more YouTubing now that I’ve been baptized in this particular form of social media through the HealthyPlace blog. I can talk about whatever now, as I am not constrained to talk just about anxiety. Which is good, because talking and writing about anxiety all the time was giving me (you guessed it) ANXIETY.

Now my lazy butt is going back to bed. Night y’all.

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