Driving me Crazy

I normally shy away from the word crazy–I’ve been called crazy more than a few times and I don’t appreciate the negative connotation. However, I just couldn’t resist the temptation this time, as the subject of this week’s HealthyPlace blog is driving anxiety. Indeed, I have been in my share of car accidents and somehow manage to avoid near-accidents on a daily basis.

I balk at those who consider driving to be a leisure activity. For me, it usually isn’t fun. It is a way to get from here to there, as The Police would say, “packed like Lemmings into shiny metal boxes–contestants in a suicidal race.” You get the idea.

One of my proudest accomplishments, however, is that I am nearly 40 and have never received a speeding ticket. Go me. It helps to drive like a slightly unstable grandma. I’ve been passed on residential roads before, heh heh. I am the reason behind most cases of road rage in Boise, I’m sure.

As for recent accidents, I just haven’t been in my car for the last few of them so I guess they don’t count. Someone put a huge dent in my car in Fred Meyer’s parking lot when I worked there last year. I had just gotten the car out of the shop when a very nice lady ran into my car in the school parking lot. I had to laugh, and she was so surprised that I wasn’t angry at all. It’s cosmetic, I said, and it happens. It may happen to me more than others, but hey. No reason to get upset (and she immediately called her insurance company and admitted fault).

I need to stop driving around with that decal on the back of my car that says “hit me.”

Fun fact: my car’s name is Kermit. Mostly because of the froggy floormats. Also, I like little-old-man names. Kermit is upset that it’s Monday, but not nearly as upset as his sleepless owner…

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