Business Time

Good morning party people!

I’ve been up since 2am. I apply for jobs in the wee hours or not at all. And when you work 7am-6pm for the next few days, the wee hours are pretty much all you have.

There have been new developments in my ever-chaotic life. As an aside, it’s hard to have work-life balance when the life half has no balance. Anyhow, my mom’s bestie, my aunt if you will, is moving into our house soon. So it will be me, Violet, my mom, my grandma, and my aunt living here. That’s a lotta hens in one house! I am stressed but grateful because Violet is really looking forward to spending more time with this crafty lady. And by crafty I mean she makes wedding cakes and all kinds of other things I could never dream of making. The Martha Stewart of our family, minus the jail time.

Speaking of crafty and jobs, I did manage to do a little craft shopping for Christmas at the company holiday bazaar. It always amazes me how talented other people are. Such versatile interests and abilities.

I am applying for all kinds of jobs, but most of them have to do with writing or file management. You know, the stuff I’ve been told I’m good at. As an uber-nerd. I miss my little retail family but not the hours or the actual labor. I’m really hoping to nail down a permanent office or writing gig. I love my current company but I imagine there is a lot of competition for the jobs there. And you know me, self-esteem and tooting my own horn are not normally my strong suit.

I’m trying to stay positive because when you’ve been up since two in the morning and you are drinking piping hot coffee, you are mired in the wonder of possibility. Either that or you’re effing crazy. This morning I seem to be both. I hate stress from the upcoming holidays but I also seem to thrive on it.

Ah, the holidays. This year it means two weeks without my daughter. I will miss her, especially the morning that she turns twelve, but I am so glad that she will get to spend some time with her dad. His lady friend is also reportedly very nice and she has DOGS. Violet loves her some puppies and I’m happy that she gets to visit some four-legged friends as well.

On the romantic front for me, I am slowly getting acquainted with a nice guy. Gasp! They do exist! Not that I have time to go on a date in the near future if I should be asked. Because the other guys are not so nice, I also deleted my dating apps for the umpteenth time.

And yes, I have that song from Flight of the Conchords stuck in my head. Why do you ask?

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