​Searching for Semblance of Sanity

Haven’t had the time to write lately. Rather, I haven’t made the time to write. Still struggling with time management, as the clock has proved a worthy nemesis. And I spend at least forty hours a week staring at a screen, so any time I can get away from that is golden.

Sydney passed away the other night. He died on his favorite mat outside. I miss his sweet face. But more, I miss his ever-loyal presence. Such a good boy.

The cat, in the meantime, has shattered a lamp that I’m going to have to pay back in installments. She climbs the walls. Literally. She is sassy, loves streams of water, and doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to. Accidentally letting her in the garage the other night was a mistake, as she will get up in the rafters and refuse to come down.

So what do I have going this week? Blog training and writing and a parent-teacher conference, oh my. I also need to look for full-time, permanent work (again). Which means resumes and cover letters on top of the usual writing. I also need to find the time to make a counseling appointment. I won’t lie, I feel that I’m spread a little too thin lately. I’m glad I can rely on my family and my medications in times like these.

Speaking of medication, open enrollment starts today, folks. Which will complicate both my personal and professional life. I’m currently auditing files at an insurance company, which is harder than it sounds. In fact, I’d best get off my booty and get ready to go do that.

This life may be unpredictable and a tad insane. But that’s no reason not to enjoy it. Things could be worse. I could be working retail at Christmas again this year…



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